Requests are non-negotiable



 2 - 700


 3 - 900


 4 - 1100


 8 - 2500


 24 - 8000


 72 - 15,000


If you would like me to travel to you, please contact me. I’m happy to make a special trip for a special gentleman! I am available to New Orleans, Baton Rouge, and the Gulf Coast.

For cities that are over an hours drive, a multiple hour engagement will be required.


***Considering exclusive arrangements.***


Would you prefer to have an exclusive arrangement with a mature woman? For a comparatively nominal monthly stipend, I will be available to you. If you need me to travel to you or you need to escape to our special place, I will be there.


This will be a different and very special type of arrangement, no strings, just us.


Of course, common sense still apply for our mutual well being.


If you would be interested in learning more about this option, let me know.


Advance notice is mandatory.